1. lauraillustrates:

    animating water is hard. animation in general is hard. 

  2. lauraillustrates:

    Angry little puffer fish! 

  6. lauraillustrates:

    Saw Guardians of the Galaxy and could not resist. 

  7. nowwheresmynut:

    Suggestion from madly-empirical

    Hannitales part 4: the little doc

    [part 3] [all parts] [part 5]

    So here’s the deal: reblog or send asks with the next two lines of the story, I’ll draw the one I like the most and then we’ll repeat the same thing so on and so forth until no one is sending suggestions anymore.

    Tagging these as #hannitales cause i couldnt think of anything else

  8. theartofwazzing:

    Groot is the love of my life okay

  9. nevver:

    When can we go, Mike Dugenio Hansen

  10. humansofnewyork:

    “It’s been tough in law school. Cause you know, I grew up around here, and I’ve still got some of that ghettoness in me. I talk a little different. I came up with this sort of nonchalant attitude, and now I’m competing with a bunch of private school kids that are ruthless. I’m supposed to read sixty pages a night, and I’m realizing that I don’t read as well as I thought I did. I realized that public school kids are just behind. I did horrible the first year. I almost folded. But I pulled it back together. I took a tough internship that summer and came back strong. Cause it’s destined to happen.”

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  15. Forms, Henri Matisse, 1943

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